Dvorkakevich Andriy Orestovich


Born in 1974

Pediatric surgeon of the highest category, specialist in endoscopic surgery.

My philosophy: A victory over the mother’s and child’s disease is the best blessing on what you are doing and improving constantly.

1997 – graduated from Lviv Medical Institute, Faculty of Medicine; an internship in pediatric surgery on the basis of the Pediatric Surgery Department, LNMU named after Danylo Halytsky. Directed by a children’s surgeon in the Skoliv CRL.

From 1999 to 2015 – he worked as a surgeon at the Endoscopic-Operational Department of the LOR LODKL “OKHMATDIT”.

From 2016 till now – is the head of the endoscopic-operational department of the KZ LOR LODKL “OKHMATDIT”.

From 2010 till now- he is the initiator of the creation and head of the Center for Mini Invasive Surgery of Children and Newborns KOR LOR LODKL “OKHMATDYT”.

From 2000 -2010 he was a teacher and assistant of the Chair of Pediatric Surgery at LNMU of Danila Galitsky, English-speaking department.

2010-2015 – postgraduate studies at the Department of Pediatric Surgery LNMU them. Danila Galitsky Scientific theme “Mini invasive surgical methods for treating inguinal hernias in children”.

Since 2008 – he is a surgeon in a medical center “Medical Center” (clinic “Estel”).

Certified member of All-Ukrainian Association of Children’s Surgeons of Ukraine, endoscopic surgeons of Ukraine. Valid member of the European Association of Herniologists.

The author and co-author of more than 40 scientific works on pediatric surgery and urology – sections “Correction of lung-shaped deformation of the chest”, “Laparoscopic non-invasive interventions of child and urology” and others.

Basic Postgraduate Internship:

– 2000 – Center for the Health of Mother and Child named after Ivan Paul II, Katowice, Poland.

– 2001 – Clinical Hospital of the Schloss Academy, Department of Surgery, City of Bitom, Poland. Endoscopic-Laparoscopic Surgery Course. Has passed the exam “Laparoscopic cholecystectomy” No. 157/00/01 of 20.11.2001.

– 2003 – European Institute of Telemedicine, Strassburg, France.

– 2005 – Master-class “Correction of deformation of pancreatic thoracic cavity”, Graz, Austria.

– 2006 – professor Donald Nass, city of Norfolk, Virginia, USA. Master class “Operation Nuss with lumbar deformity of the chest”.

– 2007 – course – “Laparoscopic Surgery for Childhood”, Department of Postgraduate Education named after Shupyk, FPDO, Kyiv.

– 2008 – laparoscopic surgery, prof. William Norwood, Chrifport, Louisiana, USA.

– 2008-2010 – Center for Children’s Video Surgery, prof. Dariusz Patckowski, Wroclaw, Poland.

-2013 study at Rocky Mountain Hospital, Endoscopic Surgery for Childhood; Denver (Colorado, USA). Prof. Steven Rothenberg 1st course

 – 2015 – master class “Thoracoscopic sympathectomy in palmar hyperhidrosis”. Prof. Raymondo Belta (Las Palmas, Canary Islands).

-2016 years of study at Rocky Mountain Hospital, endoscopic surgery of childhood; Denver (Colorado, USA). Prof. Steven Rothenberg Second year

Main scope of interest:

  • General Pediatric Surgery and Urology;
  • Minimal invasive endoscopic and surgical operations of children and adolescents (among the commonly used laparoscopic and thoracoscopic operations with appendicitis, varicocele, abdominal and chest tumors, kidney and intestinal diseases, congenital hydronephrosis, etc.).
  • Laparoscopic operations with ovaries cysts of girls and adults;
  • Laparoscopic operations with inguinal hernias (including PIRS)
  • thoracoscopic operations with lacrimal and pustular of the chest deformation of children and adults;
  • Thoracoscopic bilateral sympathectomy in palmar and inguinal hyperhidrosis in children and adults;
  • Pediatric Plastic Surgery

Social activity:

The head of the medical committee of the charity fund “I am not alone”. Member of the selection committee of the Ukrainian branch of the Children Medical Care Fundation (Los Angeles, USA).