Migal Ivan Ivanovich



Specialization: Preoperative examination of patients. Anesthesiology, anesthetics of various surgical interventions, intensive care, postoperative observation and anesthetic supervision. Treatment of acute and chronic pain. Conducting resuscitation measures. Assistance in emergency situations.

Work experience from 2011

The main purpose of the anesthetist’s work is to deprive their patients of pain, and for the sake of this, it is always worthwhile to acquire new knowledge and improve their skills.

 My credo: an individual approach and keeping the standards, allows you to provide quality anesthetic care.

Educational institution 2005-2011. Lviv State Medical University named after Danylo Halytsky, medical faculty

Upgrades: 2015 TU “Regional Anesthesia”

Procedures performed by the doctor:

– Conduct of general intravenous anesthesia

– Conduct of general inhalation anesthesia

-Spinal anesthesia (puncture of subarachnoid space)

-Epidural anesthesia (puncture and catheter setting in the epidural space)

– Function and catheterization of peripheral veins and arteries.

-Punction of the central veins (subclavian, jugular femur), puncture under the ultrasound control

-Regional anesthesia – blockade of nerve and wrists of the upper and lower limbs using a neurostimulator and under the control of the ultrasound (supra-and subclavian blockade of the shoulder plexus, interchalangeal blockade, blockade of the femoral and femoral nerve, paravertebral blockade), anterior abdominal wall block under the ultrasound control ( TAP block and blockage of the vagina of the right abdominal muscles)

-Application of prolonged regional techniques of anesthesia

– Conduct of intra- and postoperative monitoring of patients, interpretation of parameters (ECG, blood pressure, heart rate, BH, pCO2, MAC, SpO2)

-Mental ventilation of lungs (Ambu bag, mechanical device – choice of mode and parameters of ventilation, selection and monitoring of the composition of the gas mixture)

-Intubation of the trachea

-Intubation of the trachea by a double-edged endobronchial tube

-Usage of a video laryngoscope

-Installation of the laryngeal tube

– Application of mouth and nosebleed tubes

– Conducting resuscitation measures with the delay of blood circulation

-Application of the manual and automated defibrillator

Diplomas and certificates

01.2010 – 12.2010 Course of the General Polish Language (Center for Foreign Languages Leader)

11.10.2010 School workshop “Diagnosis and treatment of coronary heart disease in patients with multiple pathology”

2010 Diploma for the best scientific report “72 Student Scientific Conference”

June 17, 2011 – June 19, 2011

Successfully completed the course “Specialized Reanimation Measures” in Krakow, Poland

4.11.2011 – 6.11.2011 Successfully completed the instructor’s course of the European Council of Reanimation in Krakow, Poland

16.12.2011 – 18.12.2011 Approved by a certified instructor of the European Council of Resuscitation

April 21, 2012 Course No. 2 “Committee for European Education in Anesthesiology (CEEA)” Krakow, Poland

August 6, 2012 – 7.082012 Conference “Actual questions of anesthesiology and intensive care”, Berdyansk

09/18/2013 – 09/21/2013 Participation in the VI National Congress of Anesthesiologists of Ukraine Lviv

11/15/2013 Successfully completed the training “Modern approaches to the treatment of scoliosis” at the ICSH of Stryi in association with Nova Spine Poland

12/19/2013 Successfully completed the course “International Trauma Live Support” in Cracow, Poland

March 25, 2014 – March 27, 2014 Internship in the workplace at the Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology. prof. MI Sitenka, NAMS of Ukraine “- Anesthetic support for surgical intervention on the spine under the scoliostic posture

04.04.2014 – 5.04.2014 Conference “Interna 2014, Postępy w chorobach wewnętrznych” Krakow, Poland

09/10/2014 – 09/13/2014 Congress of the Polish Anaesthesiological Society “XVIII Międzynarodowy Zjazd Polskiego Towarzystwa Anestezjologii i Intensywnej Terapii”, Wisla, Poland

03/11/2015 Successfully completed the instructor course “International Trauma Live Support” in Cracow, Poland

04/22/2015 – 04/25/2015 Participation in the 7th British-Ukrainian Symposium – “Recent Trends in Modern Anesthesiology”

May 8, 2015 – May 9, 2015 Conference “Interna 2015, Postępy w chorobach wewnętrznych” Krakow, Poland

06/13/2015 Participation in the seminar “Treatment of acute and chronic pain in oncology. Service of Acute Pain. “Lviv

07/27/2015 – 07/26/2015 Successfully completed the course “Specialized intensive care for children” organized by ERC, Krakow, Poland

4.11.2016 – 6.11.2016 Successfully confirmed the status of the instructor at the course “International Trauma Live Support” organized by ITLS Chapter Poland, Kiev

Treatment of diseases.

acute cardiovascular insufficiency (traumatic, hypovolemic, anaphylactic, cardiogenic shock), acute respiratory insufficiency, acute cerebral insufficiency, insufficiency of parenchymal organs