Effect of Injection Procedures:

  • correction of wrinkles on the head, before head, around eyes and lips;
  • increase the lip volume;
  • the restoration of the shape of the foreskin;
  • facial correction;
  • the removal of the explicit nasopharyngeal folds.


Hardware cosmetology allows:

  • To narrow visually the pores and improve the texture of the skin;
  • To reduce signs of aging, make the skin fresh and younger;
  • Smooth the skin texture irregularities;
  • To reduce the scars from acne to get a healthy face color;
  • To reduce deep wrinkles and folds;
  • To reduce signs of aging skin around the neck;
  • To make the skin on the neckline more elastic and dense.


Face cosmetology restores:

  • The metabolic processes in the tissues cells and organs;
  • contributes the normalization of weight;
  • removes swelling and restores their water balance;
  • improves venous blood flow;
  • raises skin tone.


The part of body care cosmetology includes the following procedures:

  • Skin cleansing;
  • Anti-cellulite wrapping;
  • Lymphatic drainage massage;
  • Anti-cellulite massage;
  • Restorative therapy after plastic surgery.


Cosmetology is closely related to dermatology, so it is important that each cosmetic problem has been examined by a specialist. Very often the skin becomes a “signal” of some kind of problems at other organs and systems. A number of dermatological diseases require consultations of other specialists and certain additional examinations. It is important to choose the appropriate treatment and home skin care timely.

Also, dermatology in our time has a wide range of additional procedures, injectable and hardware techniques that enable and help in the fight against aging skin, problem skin (acne, hyperpigmentation, couperose, etc.), as well as improve the condition of normal skin.

One of the most common and effective methods in the fight against aging of the skin, the treatment of the head hair and facial skin is mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is a method of stabbing the medications and micronutrients into dermal in a very small doses.

In dermatological cosmetology, a significant place is given to the acid peelings either. Depending on the problem (hyperpigmentation, acne, lining of the skin, etc.), the doctor chooses the appropriate acid concentration and prescribes a course of treatment.

Adult and problem skin often requires so-called “cleansing” of the face. It is the mechanical exfoliation of the pores skin, followed by applying the appropriate creams to the skin (disinfectants, anti-inflammatory, resorbing, etc.). It is very important to find out the cause of the rash, so it is often recommended to consult the additional doctors. It is necessary to choose the right cosmetics home-care treatment. The procedure of darsonvalization gives a good effect. D’Arsonval – is a method of physiotherapeutic action on skin tissues by high-frequency pulsed currents. As well as microstroeming therapy – a technique that uses a weak electric pulse to restore and rejuvenate the skin (raises the skin and muscle tone, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin and improves blood supply). As a rule, this procedure is carried out using the appropriate serum problem, which allows us to moisturize and saturate the skin with the necessary substances.

Biorevitalization is a help in the fight against aging and various skin defects. While the course of biorevitalisation you can notice the following effects:

  • the elimination of fine wrinkles

  • the improvement of the elasticity,  color and skin quality

  • the reduction of cuperosis, hyperpigmentation and others

Biorevitalization – the method of hyaluronic acid injects of the appropriate concentration (depending on age, problem, etc.) of the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural skin moisturizer that is responsible for elasticity. Hyaluronic acid, which produces our body,  becomes less with the age therefore the skin loses its elasticity, moisture and as a result, you have first wrinkles. Just in such cases, we use the biorevitalization. This procedure can be performed by a qualified doctor who has practical skills and has the appropriate certificates.

Also, for the prevention of skin aging and muscle loss, the manual massage of the face and neck continues to be effective. Massage procedures in combination with cosmetic care (serums, masks, creams and the above-described techniques) give a long-term result.

Before deciding what procedure to choose, it is advisable to consult with the dermatologist, who will help to determine the choice.