Face cosmetology

  • Exfoliation (cleansing of the face skin);
  • General skin care;
  • Massage: classic, lymphatic drainage, plasticizing, healing;
  • Restorative therapy after plastic surgery

Lymph drainage is the removal of the excess fluid through various techniques. The tone of the lymph drainage and blood vessels decreases with time, the fluid begins to stay in the intercellular space.

The toxic substances are delayed together with the fluid. Hence come the swelling that appears with age. Especially on the face. Lymphatic drainage is performed to remove the fluid and metabolic products.  

Lymph drainage restores:

  • The metabolic processes in the tissues cells and organs;
  • contributes the normalization of weight;
  • removes swelling and restores their water balance;
  • improves venous blood flow;
  • raises skin tone.

Lymph drainage is carried out for:

  1. Treatment and prevention of inflammatory events and postoperative period.
  2. The removal of acne.
  3. To prevent premature aging.

Lymph drainage can be manual and hardware.