Plastic of ear shell

A plastic of ear shell (otoplasty) is an operation aimed to improve the shape and size of the ear canals and the protruding ears (the so-called clunking ears), that causes a problem of aesthetics, and also the psychological and social adaptation problems.

The appropriateness of the operations:

  • Protruding ears ((clunking ears))- distortion of the ear shell caused due to a defects in cartilage grow, an incorrect angle attachment or an extra cartilage tissue. In most cases, the ear shell is deformed. It can be fixed with the help of otoplasty.
  • Bowl-shaped ears – a birth defect in which the outer ear is twisted in the shape of a bowl;
  • Disproportionate large ears;
  • Mikrotiya – imperfection of ear shell when the outer ear is not developed;
  • Asymmetrical ears;
  • Reduced earlobe of old aged patients or “the drying of the whole ear” with time;
  • Too big or too small ears;
  • Cut earlobe (for example, because of the accidental pulling out of the earrings just from the earlobe);
  • Post traumatic deformities and scars on the ears;

Age features:

The operation can be carried out at any age.

Preparation for surgery:

  • In the evening before the operation, the patient should take a shower and wash his head with a shampoo. It is recommended not to eat 2 hours before surgery.
  • Analyzes

The operation technique features- otoplasty..

While a surgical operation – the correction of the ear shape is made from the back side of the ear shell – the cartilage is being cut out and the doctor applies the sutures, fixing the wishing shape of the ears and its position. Postoperative sutures are imperceptible.

If the correction with this technique is not enough, there are other options for further changes of certain ear forms (for example, reduction of the anus) are possible

An ear correction operation of adults can be done with the local anesthesia. The child operation is recommended from the age of 5 and with general anesthesia.

The postoperative period lasts 4-6 days in total. It is necessary to wear a bandage and after that the s eams are removed. In 10 days after the operation you can return to normal life and exercise.

The surgery scars are imperceptible, because they are located on the back surface of the ear shell.

Duration of the operation is from 1 hour to 2 hours.

In the postoperative period (for several days) you can notice – swelling of ears, skin discoloration, mild pain, change of sensitivity of ears. Positive results can be seen in 1-2 months after oplasty.

The removal of seams: 7-10 days after surgery.

The best results are achieved when the patient follows all doctor’s instructions and warnings. All unpleasant symptoms can last for 2 weeks. After six weeks, the ear is completely healed, and the small scar, which remains after the surgery, becomes soft and pale.

During the month you need to wear an elastic band at night after the otoplasty!

Possible complications:

First, it should be emphasized that the ears plastic complications are extremely rare.

It may appear various general surgical complications after surgery. The following complications, typical for this operation:

  • In some cases, a partial loss of the ear shell form can happen, which may require a corrigenda surgery.
  • The formation of keloid scars is possibleon the lines of skin cuts. It’s a sufficiently rare complication associated with an individual reaction of the body tissues to surgical intervention and it doesn’t dependent on the quality of the operation.