Lipofilling refers to the most common body modeling procedures. Features of lipofilling allow to use it for rejuvenation of the face and body, including the chest and buttocks.

It can be said that lipophilia is a unique procedure. We use the fat tissue of the patient for lipofillin, which completely excludes the chance of rejection.

How is the lipophilic procedure performed?

The excess of fat tissue is removed from the problem area, for example, the hips or buttocks. Then it is absorbed into that part of body which needs correction.

Thus, the lipophilic procedure can attain two results at the same time-return the figure shape, as well as the elasticity and youth of the face and skin.

Lipofilling is used for the following purposes:

  • Creation of young cheeks with convex forms after face lifting surgery;
  • Lipophilia of the lips: to create the attractive forms and increase the volume of lips;
  • Rejuvenation of periorbital areas (around-eyes) by filling the tenderness of the eyes.
  • Improvement of the results of upper blepharoplasty (plastic of the upper eyelids) by volumizing (volume recovery) of parts around the eyebrows;
  • Filling of V-shaped patches, its possibly, at the same time, as the lower plastic of the eyelids;
  • Ultimate elimination of deep nasolabial folds after their correction during lifting;
  • Harmonization of the shape and volume of the chin to form a clearer cervical-pitted angle;
  • The idealization of the contours of the breast after arthroplasty (implant);
  • Corrective monomoscopy: lipophilia of the breast using only its own adipose tissue (including the situation when it is not acceptable to implant a mammary gland with silicone implants for a patient);
  • Formation of aesthetic body relief;
  • Modeling (lifting) of buttocks;
  • Improvement of the contours of hands;
  • Improvement of the contours of the hips, areas of the kneecaps, legs;
  • Removal of defects related to cicatricial involvement of the skin surface and subordinate tissues.
  • This is the perfect way to correct asymmetry and some other aesthetic defects of your breast.
    Lipofilling is used to correct the small mammary gland, if it has asymmetry. With the help of this we can add a volume at the upper part of the breast or to hide the edges of the implants that can be contoured or determined by touch, in the case of a deficiency of the own breast tissues.


The effect of the operation will last for a long time! If the patient wishes to increase the size of some parts of body again, this can be done in six months after the operation. The advantages of lipophilia:

  • Your own fat can not cause any allergic reactions or be rejected.
    The own proper fat is a natural material and never launches the antigen-antibody immune defense mechanism.
  • It provides double correction.
    Among all injection methods, only lipophilia provides a double correction, eliminating extra fat in the problem parts of body and filling up the lack parts.
  • Improves skin in the places with adipose tissue
    Transplanted fat tissue positively affects the skin, rejuvenates and nourishes it.
  • Can be combined with other operations.

Lipofilling is used in aesthetic surgery as a separate method, and additional to the following plastic operations: liposuction, facial lifting (facial tweezers), eye patches, etc.