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Surgical Clinic Medical Center Estel – Surgery of Beauty: surgeon Viktor Sashchin Video Phone: +380983142264 – Viber, WhatsUp, Telegram. Lviv, 54, Lipinsky St. Plastic Surgery – Link Vascular Surgery – Link Minimal Invasive Surgery (Center for Hernial Surgery) – Link Proctology – Link Orthopedics, Traumatology – Link Family Medicine – Link  

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“Second birth” – or why the issue of excessive sweating is so uncomfortable and important to be solved.

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“Second birth” – as noted by the result of the operation about the syndrome of “wet palms” (palmar hyperhidrosis) 45-year-old Nicholas. The operation – both thoracoscopic sympathectomy of excessive sweating of palms and inguinal areas has been successfully conducted this week in the medical center “Estel”. This week the team of surgeons and anesthesiologists of […]

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1st place in the nomination “Guardian Health” BOOM AWARDS 2017 is received by the Estel clinic surgeon – Dvorakevich A.O.


Andriy Orestovich Dvorakevych, surgeon of the “Medical Center” (Clinic “Estel”), director of the Center for Children’s Mini Invasive Surgery, who received the majority of points and won first place in the nomination “Guardian Health” VOTING BOOM AWARDS 2017 in the Internet votes. Congratulations to our dear Andrew Orestovich on the occasion of the next […]

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We invite to the seminar “Modern aspects of contouring plastics injection and biorevolution”


We invite to the seminar “Modern aspects of contouring plastics injection and biorevolution” May 19, 2017 “Estel Medical Center” invites you to a wonderful seminar on the aspects of contouring plastics injecting and biorevolution. The speaker is Myroslava Myroslav Novosilsky, a dermatologist – oncologist, cosmetologist, contour plastic injectioner. Certified coach of the Italian company S.I.P.Phitogen. […]

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We invite models.


We invite models: – biorevitalization; – biorevolution; – contouring plastic. All procedures are carried out by certified coaches of the company, dermato-cosmetologists doctors. Consultation of the dermatologist goes as a gift, the model pays only for the used drugs. The number of possible models is limited. Regarding all questions please contact us at tel. 098 […]

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EFFICIENCY AND SAFETY In one syringe What do women want? My clients are the most beautiful in the world. Ukrainian women want to look natural, without heavy makeup on their faces, they want to enjoy themselves at any age and feel harmonic among others. What do I do for this? Use the unique hyaluronic acid […]

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Probability of the cancer due to implantation: a myth or a reality? (part 2/3)


In a prospective, 14-year comprehensive study in Los Angeles (USA, CA), only 31 women with silicone endoprosthesis were detected in all 3182 breast cancer patients (with a statistically expected population of 49.2) (Deapen, 1997). Investigating the possible association of BE with malignant diseases of other localizations, in a retrospective epidemiological comparison of 13,488 women after […]

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