Breast enlargement (lipophilia)

Chest Lipofilling: breast enlargement with own fat.

Lipofilling – An Alternative to Silicone Implants?

Lipofilling – a modern method of breast augmentation through the transfer of own fat – gives excellent results and is suitable for women who do not want to have any alien things in their body.

The lipophiling is an operation that allows a woman to increase her breasts and to correct the disadvantages of her figure, in spite of many years of controversy about its effectiveness and safety, increases with each passing year. After two decades of controversy over this topic, this method was recognized by the American Association of Plastic Surgeons to be safe for the patient’s health and acceptable for breast correction.

Today, lipophiling is acting as an alternative surgery to classical mammoplasty and it is one of the most promising directions in modern aesthetic surgery. This operation is suitable for patients who do not want to use silicone implants.

Indications for the operation:

The lipophiling of the breast is carried out in order to restore the volume and shape of the mammary gland after the removal of the tumor form or to restore the volume of the breast shape of the after childbirth and period of lactation.

Contraindications to surgery:

  • Chronic illness in the stage of exacerbation;
  • Period of exacerbation of skin and inflammatory diseases;
  • Oncology in the metastasis stage;
  • Sugar diabetes and other diseases that lead to disturbance of blood supply;
  • Period of menstruation;

It is advisable to get rid of cigarette for 2 weeks before the operation, since smoking is detrimental to the healing process. Refrain from drinking alcohol.

On the eve of the operation:

  • in the morning before surgery do not eat or drink
  • during the menstruation, surgery is not recommended
  • If less than one year after lactation (breastfeeding), surgery is not recommended also
  • when preparing for surgery, consult a physician to pick up the bra of the right size, which will need to be worn some time after the operation.

Before the operation you must take of the make up, do not use lotions and any other cosmetics.


The operation takes place under general anesthesia.

Duration of operation:

The operation lasts an average of 1.5-2 hours..

Technique for performing the operation:

The operation consists of three stages:

  • First you need to get fatty tissue. The required amount of fat is pumped out by the method of water jet liposuction «BodyJet» using a special tube-channel.
  • Treatment of collected donor material. Namely, it is cleared of impurities by means of a special centrifuge and separated

Postoperative period:

At the end of three months from the day of surgery, about 75% of transplanted fat cells turns out to be enough to produce the desired result. After a while it is possible to carry out a repeated operation to give the breast a more magnificent form.

In the event it is necessary to increase the breast more than two sizes at once, one should resort to endoprosthetics, since when entering a very large amount of adipose tissue, complications may occur. If transplanted fat does not survive, in the operated area, the appearance of cysts and seals may occur.

Lipofilling, without a doubt, guarantees the most natural result, but, compared with the classic, there is a much less predictable operation, which requires great skill from the surgeon and the good technical equipment of the clinic.