Increase breast size using implants

Increased breast size (increasing mammaplasty).

Impressions for Breast Enlargement:

  • Congenital hypoplasia of one or both of the mammary glands (small breasts).
  • Congenital asymmetric chest, that is, when one breast is less than another.
  • Transplant surgery for breast cancer when a part of the mammary gland or the entire mammary gland is removed.
  • Felted breasts (as a result of age-related changes).
  • Felted breast after childbirth and breastfeeding (usually such a condition requires two operations – breast tightening and implant enlargement).
  • There may be professional requirements for body contours, as is often the case with models, cinema and theater actresses.

In the end, in order to increase the chest may not be physical or professional evidence, it is enough just one woman’s desire to become even better, more attractive!


  • The development of the mammary glands must be uniquely completed before the breast enlargement.
  • The high demand for breast enlargement is due to the high efficiency of this operation, combined with a short rehabilitation period.

Contraceptives to increase breast size:

Severe diseases of the internal organs (diseases of the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, etc.), since surgical intervention – above all, stress for the body, and the patient body is difficult to tolerate stress.


Violation of blood coagulation.

Infectious and oncological diseases.

Incomplete lactation (on average, the baby is naturally fed for 1 year).

Fibrous cyst of the mammary gland and any oncological diseases of the mammary gland.

Infectious-inflammatory diseases of the skin in the area of probable incision.

Mental illness.

Patients under the age of 18 years.

It is not advisable to do breast augmentation for women who have not yet given birth.

Types of access and placement when breast enlargement.

Breast implantation – where to cut?

There are several types of surgical access forbreast implantation, which are selected based on the individual anatomical features of a woman.

There are three variants of surgical access for breast implantation:

  • in the area of the inguinal cavity – subcutaneous incision,
  • Around the nipple is a pericarp or periaireolny incision,
  • incision in the chest – fractional or submatricular incision.

What are the forms of implants

There are a large number of breast implants of various shapes and sizes. Breast Prostheses are used not only for the widespread and popular breast augmentation procedure. The implant may be completely replaced by a woman removed from the tumor of the mammary gland.

In the form of breast prostheses, they are round and droplet. Droplet or anatomical implants of the mammary glands are made in the form of drops: narrower on the top and heavier underneath, which fully corresponds to the natural form of the gland and impeccably imitates it. Anatomical breast implants are used to significantly increase the breast, with the maximum effect achieved.

A circular implant with a significant increase in the chest badly imitates the shape of the breast. Round implants are usually set in the case if the chest need not be enlarged much.

What implant to choose? Which is better – anatomical or round?

Everything is very individual. As there are no two identical women, there is no common decision for each patient.

So, long before the surgery you will determine the choice of implant, the shape and size of the breast, and the doctor will match your wishes with your physiological features so that the breast after the operation looked as natural, beautiful, attractive, and you became much more confident!

Increasing mammaplasty: counseling and preparing

A proper consultation with a plastic surgeon is the first step towards a successful outcome. During the conversation, the patient should communicate his wishes to the doctor in as much detail as possible, and in his turn, explain to her the possible ways to achieve the desired result.

The consultation method selects the access method in the future site of intervention, the location of the implant, and also chooses the implant itself.

Increasing mammaplasty involves wearing compression linen immediately after surgery, so it is worth taking care of its purchase in advance.

Carefully follow the instructions of your doctor in the preoperative period, restrict the use of alcohol, abandon smoking, refuse to receive medicines. Successful result depends on compliance with these simple rules.


The operation takes place under general anesthesia.

Duration and technique of operation:

The operation lasts an average of 1.5-2 hours.

The choice of placement of the endoprosthesis is determined by the plastic surgeon on the basis of analysis of the anatomical features of the body structure of the woman, expression of the tissues of the breast, the presence or absence of fibrillation of the glands, skin properties, etc.

Consequently, the plastic surgery for increasing the size of the breast implies 4 methods of placement of implants:

  1. Breast enlargement can occur by placing the implant under the gland
  2. Surgical breast enlargement can also be done by placing an implant under a large chest muscle.
  3. Placing an implant under fascia of large thoracic muscles is the placement of the endoprosthesis under the glandular muscle tissue, but under the fascia of this muscle. It is believed that such technique improves the fixation of the implant, but recently this opinion is considered to be controversial.
  4. The breast increase by a combined method means the placement of the upper edge of the implant under the large chest muscle, and the lower one – under the gland. Increasing mammaplasty: rehabilitation

The main condition for successful rehabilitation after such mammal plastic is wearing compression linen (bra), which will help to fix the breast in a new position and maintain the correct, necessary form. Such lingerie is worn all the time for 3-4 weeks, so it is advisable to buy at least two sets so that it can be changeable.

The postoperative period involves the rejection of any physical activity until the doctor allows it. As a rule, after 3-4 weeks.

Results of increasing mammaplasty:

ВYou will be able to appreciate the results after the edema comes out and you will take off the compression linen. The final result of the increasing mammoplasty is observed in 2 months, but the use of scarring requires more time – up to six months.

Possible complications after surgery:

Possible complications of increasing mamomy plastic are not so common, but you must know about them. Some of them may appear immediately after surgery, others – after a while.

The complications include:

  1. Hematoma(accumulation of blood in the cavity for the implant). It is possible in case of ineffective post-surgical wound drainage or ineffective compression on the mammary gland after surgery.
    This complication is eliminated by puncture.
  2. Possible loss of sensitivity in the area of the nipple.
    As a rule, it is restored on its own.
  3. Capsular contracture.. A fibrous capsule from the connective tissue is formed around the implant as with any outer thing that enters the body, which separates it from soft tissues. Sometimes the capsule can be sealed and decrease in volume, due to which the implantation is squeezed. When the implants, with a smooth surface, were used for endoprosthesis, this complication occurred in 20-40% of cases. Today due to the advent of new-generation implants (with a textured surface), the risk of capsular contracture has decreased significantly, amounting to 1.5-4%. However, its occurrence is due to an individual reaction of organism, which can not be foreseen before the operation.
    This complication requires occasional surgical treatment: namely, full or partial removal of the capsule (capsuleectomy).
  4. Hypertrophic or keloid scar. . Most often it appears due to the features of the organism to the formation of this type of scarring.
    It occurs quite rarely and requires conservative, and in some cases – surgical treatment.
  5. Problems with the wound’s consumption.. It occurs when the immune system is weakened, including the situation when the patient is abusing nicotine (smoking). As a rule, they need surgical treatment aimed at wounding.

In conclusion, it should be noted that there is a big increase in the number of patients who apply to the clinic for breast enlargement. We keep an eye on all recent developments of implant manufacturers and the improvement of the operation methods.