Hernioplasty – Elimination of all types of congenital and acquired hernia. Laparoscopic treatment of biliary and stone disease.

Minimally invasive surgical operations for children and adolescents  are based on the Estel Medical Center.

Minimally invasive edoscopic surgical operations for children and adolescents have been conducted since 2008 on the basis of the Estel medical center

Today, there is a lot of information – about minimally invasive endoscopic surgery. We have also repeatedly reported information of this latest technology in surgery from our clinic. However, is this the newest for real? Honestly, in many developed countries this surgery has been the standard of treatment for long time. To confirm my words, the treatment standards are based on so-called “evidence-based medicine” (evidence-based medicine).

 What it is? Here is an example. Acute appendicitis. The problem is widely known to everyone. Western scientists, on the basis of numerous studies, have proved that performing laparoscopic appendicitis surgery give results in better rehabilitation and postoperative complications than performing this operation by the classical method, that is done through the abdominal incision.

Based on modern views and directions in medicine, our children’s surgeons perform a number of low-invasive endoscopic operations for patients with surgical and urological pathologies. Among the most common endoscopic operations performed in our center:

  • Laparoscopic operations with varicocele;
  • Laparoscopic operations for inguinal hernia of girls and boys;
  • Laparoscopic operations with an undiluted testicle (cryptorchidism);
  • Laparoscopic operations with conjunctival watery testicles of boys;
  • Laparoscopic operations with appendicitis; laparoscopic operations with cholecystitis;
  • Laparoscopic operations for cysts of ovaries of girls, adults  and young women;
  • and other… 

During the last period, our center doctors introduced a number of new operations, namely:

  • Laparoscopic treatment of congenital hydronephrosis;

  • Thoracoscopic assistant at Nuss-Park surgery, performed on congenital lumbar deformity of the thorax (pectus excavatum);

  • Thoracoscopic treatment of palmar hyperhidrosis (excessive palmar sweat) – bilateral thoracoscopic sympathectomy.

  • Responsibility: our clinic carries a reputation and legal responsibility to the patient;

  • Safety: taking into account the use of disposable surgical material and tools, our patients are protected from infection;

  • Contemporaneity: the presence of modern surgical equipment allows our doctors to carry out innovative low-invasive surgical interventions, especially for young children;

  • Doctors: The constant improvement of our doctors in the world’s leading clinics (Dr. Steve Rothenberg (USA), Dr. Raymondo Belta (Spain), Dr. Dariusz Patckowski (POLAND), etc.) allows us to use modern, effective technologies in our clinic.

  • Experience: Our doctors performed more than 1500 operations in the field of endoscopic pediatric surgery.

Your child has the right for safe and up-to-date surgical care !!!

Pediatric Surgery at Estel Medical Center

Why should you come to consult your child with pediatric surgeon at the Estel Medical Center?

At this moment there are many medical institutions of various forms of property in Lviv, which offer such medical service as child surgery. It is difficult for patient to understand this variety (especially at the moment of the “acute” need) – where should you go?

Our medical institution offers the following in the field of “child surgery”:

  • Consultation and review of your child around 24 H;

  • Experience of the “child surgery” practice on the basis of IC “Estel” – since 2008;

  • Consultations are conducted by doctors with experience for more than 20 years in the field of pediatric surgery; with the availability of practical and theoretical knowledge and skills.
  • Our doctors have academic degrees and experience in teaching at medical universities;

  • Doctors who work with your child are attending medical conferences and training in Ukraine and abroad constantly. Our specialists have the latest techniques and technologies in the field of “children’s surgery”, also conducting training seminars and trainings for their colleagues from Ukraine;

  • In addition to professional care for your child, you will get the possibility of legal protection in case of complications (which is not always practice in public institutions).

  • You do not feel embarrassed trying to “provide a thank you” to a doctor for his help. There is a regulated service cost and official payment at the cash desk of the clinic for this situation.

  • The important point after having paid the official fee for a medical service, is that you can reimburse the referent insurance company in the future (provided, of course, if you or your child are insured)

  • You do not have to wait in the queue (as its usually goes in clinics or in-patient departments) – you are assigned the appropriate day and hour. It will significantly save you time and nerves

Specialists of the Medical Center conduct following consultations in the field of children surgery:

  • Surgery;
  • Urology;
  • Thoracic surgery;
  • Orthopedics and Traumatology;
  • Children’s Plastic Surgery.

The following surgical interventions are also performed:

  • Operation on the thyroid gland (also endoscopic)
  • Operation on the pterygoid glands (also endoscopic)
  • Operation on the adrenal glands (also endoscopic)
  •  Laparoscopic removal of the gall bladder (for acute and chronic calculous cholecystitis)
  • Laparoscopic removal of the appendicular sprout (for acute and chronic appendicitis)
  • Operation of the inguinal hernia (open with the use of modern net implants)
  • Laryaproscopic operations for inguinal hernia (using modern net implants)
  • Operations for sports hernia (open and laparoscopic)
  • Operation of umbilical hernia (open and laparoscopic)