The modern surgical methods of treating hemorrhoids, cracks of the anus.

The examination is carried out by the following methods of surgical treatment:

  • treatment of hemorrhoids – trans-anal deuterisation of hemorrhoidal arteries by HALRAR and THD, hemorrhoidectomy by Miligan-Morgan
  • excision of couscous coccyx and coccygeal passages, chronic anal fissures, rectal polyps, rectal fistulas
  • the cutting and drainage of paraproctites

Method of surgical treatment:

The method of transanal deaterisation is directed on the cause of hemorrhoids, and not on its consequences.

It can be effective at all stages and is performed in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia, does not require dressing and suturing in the postoperative period. It is the surgical manipulation of one day, and also has a good cosmetic effect. A patient after an operative intervention can safely and confidently return to the normal rhythm of life.