ECG – is the device that can record 3 channels of ECG signals at the same time. The digital filter allows you to record a clear ECG curve. The automatic alignment of the ECG optimizes printer printing by the isolation curve. The recording procedure is in automatic mode. The device can store more than 1000 patient data, which is convenient for analysis of the results and statistics.

The device has the function of automatic measurement of ECG signals parameters, auto-analyzing and auto-diagnostic function, which helps to improve the efficiency of work.


Sterile instruments, test tubes and utensils are used for the material collection for the research.

A collection of material (blood, urine) is carried out for general-clinical studies;

  • immunological research;
  • cytological studies;
  • bacteriological studies.

The researches are carried out in modern licensed medical laboratories on extremely precise equipment by experienced specialists.