Sashtin Viktor Volodymorovych


Plastic, aesthetic, reconstructive surgeon, doctor of the highest category. Member of the All-Ukrainian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic Surgeons (VAPREH).




18 years


1986-1992 – Kursk Medical Institute, specialty “Medical business”.

1992-1993 – Internship in the specialty “Surgery” in the Belgorod Regional Clinical Hospital.

1993 – Surgery in the Voronezh Medical Institute.

1997 – Specialization in aesthetic surgery, m. Kursk.

ДAdditional education:

He was trained in plastic surgery by leading experts of the world: MD Daniel Marchac (Paris, France), M.D. Thomas Biggs (Houston, Texas, USA), Doctor of Medicine, Professor. Pshenysnov KP (Russia), Doctor of Medicine, Professor. Piskunov S.Z. (Russia), Bessonov SM (Russia), Patlazhan G.I. (Ukraine), M.D. Jose Luis Martin Del Yerro (Madrid, Spain), Klaus Brunnert (Osnabrück, Germany), Alexis Verpaele (Hospital Gent, Belgium), Prof. Dr. Med. Cristian J. Gabka (Munich, Germany), Prof. Dr. Med. Ernst Magnus Noah Kassel (Munich, Germany), Prof. J. Jaskiewicz (Lublin, Poland), Dr. M. Kuczynski (Lublin, Polska) and others.


Participated in conferences, trainings, courses, master classes::

-facial rejuvenation. An individual approach.Rhinoplasty.Shared secrets./15-17.12.2017/ Odessa.

-Aesthetic breast surgery and face-secrets of perfection / 23.09.2017 / Kiev

— Aesthetic Plastic surgery Course in Bucharest / feb. 2017;

— Postgraduate anatomical surgical training: Rhinoplasty, Malaroplasty, Otoplasty, Cheiloplasty, Facial fat grafting and Metntoplasty. / Medical University of Vienna. / oct. 2016;

— The fourth international Live Surgery and Injections Course: Advanced Aesthetic Brest and Body surgery. / oct. 2016 / St. Petersburg;

— Intensive training course: Modern aesthetic surgery of the mammary gland. / Apr 2016 / St. Petersburg;

— Intensive training course: Modern aesthetic surgery of the upper and lower eyelids, middle area of the face. / february 2016 / St. Petersburg;

— Master class: Reconstruction of the mammary glands. Correction of the ptosis of the upper eyelids. / February 2016 / Lviv;

— Postgraduate anatomical surgical training: Advanced Aesthetic Surgery of the Face Master class Course / nov. 2015 / Vienna;

— Advanced course of the Politech Excellend Academy: Augmentation with Microthane breast implants. / apr. 2015 / Riga;

— 5-th Anniversary International Symposium on Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology New Horizons in Aesthetic Medicine / may 2014 / Москва;

— Passed Educational Live Surgery Course Advanced Aesthetic Breast Surgery / june 2013 / Санкт-Петербург;

— Master class: Transaxylly endoscopic breast enlargement. / September 2012 / Kharkiv;

— 4th international scientific-practical conference: Problematic situations in plastic and reconstructive surgery. / February 2010 / Kiev;

— Pre-licensing cycle of thematic improvement in the direction: Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery. / 2010 / Kharkiv;

— St. Petersburg ISAPS Course. / june 2011;

— International Master Class: Recent trends in aesthetic surgery of the face and mammary gland. / sheet 2009 / Kyiv;

— Master class within the second race of VAPREH: Actual questions of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. / yellow 2008 / Kiev;

— 2nd Congress of VAPREH: Actual questions of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. / yellow 2008 / Kiev;

— Training at a workshop: Technique of Injection Contour Facial Plastics / March 2008 / Kiev;

— Focus Symposium in Plastic Surgery: Micropolyurethan-foam-Surfaced implants in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery / 2007 / Munich;

— Polish-Ukrainian Breast Surgery Forum / December 2007 / Lublin;

— 1st Master Class within the educational program of the International Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons: Functional and Aesthetic Rhinoseptoplasty / September 2007 / Odessa.


 Since 2015 – Surgeon, Department of Surgery, 5th City Clinical Hospital, Lviv

1997-2003 gg. – Plastic surgeon, Clinic “Bogdan”.

Since 1999 – Plastic surgeon, specialist of Medical center “Estel”.

Since 2013 – Plastic, aesthetic, reconstructive surgeon, the doctor of the highest category in El.En. Clinics of laser technologies.

Since 2015 – Plastic surgeon in Medical Clinic MED SITI.

Professional skills:

– Facial and neck rejuvenation, face lifting (circular facelift, tightening of the middle third / two-thirds of the face, eyebrows / forehead tightening).

– Rhinoplasty (nasal plastic)

– Plastic of ear shell

– Laser blepharoplasty

– Correction of the shape of the chin

– Lipofilling (lip shape correction, breast enlargement, lipophilia)

– Plastic abdomen (abdominoplasty)

 – Breast enlargement (using implants, lipophilia)

– Breast reduction (reduction mammaplasty)

– Treatment of gynecomastia

– Treatment of varicose veins

– Liposuction, laser lipolysis

– Implantation of the buttocks

 – Plastics of female and male genital organs (Labioplasty)

– Removal of benign tumors, rub

– Hair transplantation (all methods)