The treatment of the foot diseases.

On the basis of the Medical Center “Estel”, diagnostics and treatment of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system are performed at the newest and world-renowned methods of treatment.

An integrated approach of the treatment is used to the patient, including conservative and operative methods:

What do we treat?

Fractures of any localization

Injuries and diseases:

  • Shoulder and shoulder joint
  • Lethal joint and forearm
  • Hip joint
  • Knee joint
  • Foot and ankle-foot joint

Treatment of ingrown nails by the method of Arkady – is a combined correction method of ingrown nails. The technique is – the specialist reconstructs the nail plate and thus prepares the patient for surgery. The operation consists in removing the fragment near the nail roll, so the nail plate is unlocked and freely grows. This operation is differs from the classic wedge-shaped resection by the fact that the nail bed is not damaged by a scalpel. For many years, doctors have faced the problem of recurrence of the nail ingestion after the classic resection or after complete removal (dislocation) of the nail. This method of operation is kept devoid of these complications, and allows you to solve the problem of an ingrown nail once and for all, even after unsuccessful previous operations.

The most important in this technique Arkady is a combination of prosthetics of the nail plate with the simultaneous plasticity of the lateral bell-shaped rollers, which eliminates the possibility of relapse. The developer of this technique Andrian Arkada, has used this technique in his clinic for over 6 years, and during this time he has operated about 600 patients, and did not register any case of recurrence of the ingrown nail.

Methods of surgical interventions performed in the Medical Center:

Surgery of the foot

  • Correction of deformities of the anterior part (large and small fingers – haleus valgus (ankle), hammer-shaped fingers, kyankovidy deformation, cyphoid fingers)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of pain in the anterior foot (metatarsalgias) – deformation treatment, Morton’s neurology, arthrosis)
  • Treatment of the bones fractures of the foot
  • Correction of congenital and acquired flatfoot (arthroesis, osteotomy of the heel)
  • Treatment of arthrosis and foot injuries
  • Correction of the traumatic deformities of the leg and foot
  • Treatment of the  heel spurs (physical procedures, shock wave therapy, operative)
  • Manufacturing of individual insole


  1. Knee joint – the treatment of the meniscus injuries, plastic of the anterior and posterior crossed connections, treatment of the cartilage injuries in the knee joint, synovectomy with rheumatoid arthritis

  2. The shoulder joint – the treatment of rupture of the rotator cuff of the shoulder, the treatment of the usual dislocation of the shoulder, the cartilage injuries of the shoulder joint

  3. Tibia and foot joint – the damage of the cartilage of the tibia, impediment.

Treatment of injuries of the upper limb

  1. Humerus fractures
  2. Fracture of the lumbar bone
  3. Fracture of the marrow bone
  4. Fractures of the bones of the wrist and the brush
  5. Treatment of muscle and tendon ruptures.

Treatment of lower limb injuries

  1. Fracture of the neck of the thigh
  2. Fracture of the femur
  3. Fractures
  4. Fractures of the bones of the shin
  5. Fractures of the bones of the foot (hemopoiesis, hemopoiesis, boat-shaped, pelvis, etc.)
  6. Gaps in muscles, tendons, connective tissue, Achilles tendon


  1. After injuries of the musculoskeletal system
  2. Children’s Rehabilitation (cerebral palsy, etc.)
  3. Osteochondrosis
  4. Patients after a stroke
  5. Patients after the joint surgery
  6. Kinesiotherapy

Treatment of arthrosis in the areas of the hip, knee, ankle and joint joints

  1. Osteotomy of the shin
  2. Endoprosthetics of the hip and knee joints (in the future)

Intraarticular inactivation (hyaluronic acid, plasma enriched with platelets – PRP)